Swimmer Excellence

Lakeshore Swim Club recognizes the financial impact of attending Provincial and National level meets. While we applaud the swimmer and their achievement we appreciate the mixed emotions of parents.  To that end, Lakeshore undertakes to formally subsidize families with swimmers attending a provincial or national level meet.

Ontario Swimming Championships

50% of meet entry expenses

Easterns/Westerns, Junior Nationals

100% meet entry expenses
50% of Accommodations
$50/medal collected (added to meet fee account)

Senior Nationals/Olympic Trials

100% meet entry expenses
100% of Accommodations
$100/medal collected (added to meet fee account)


  • Swimmer must have maintained attendance expectations throughout the year. This award is presented to the swimmer at the end of the season.
  • Families will be awarded a subsidy to a maximum of $1,000 per swimmer per season for all combined meets.
  • Accommodation must be reasonable and approved by LSC Board of Directors beforehand.
  • Swimmer must compete in all events and all days approved by the coach.
  • Swimmers must be in either their inaugural year of swimming or their second consecutive year with the club.