LSC Group Move Policy

As a swimmer progresses, they may move from one group to another within the club. This is to maintain compatible training groups in terms of a combination of age and ability, and to ensure that each swimmer is being appropriately challenged.

Group moves happen 3 times per season: December/January, March/April, and end of season. Toward the end of each of these three cycles, communication will be sent indicating the date that group move letters will be sent, and the date that the moves will take effect.

The group move letter is the only official communication regarding moves. Coaches will not discuss moves prior to the letters being sent out. Please note that group moves are not optional, and take effect automatically as of the date indicated in the group move letter. In extreme extenuating circumstances, a meeting may be set up with the coaching staff to discuss a move.

The competitive group descriptions include “possible pathways.” It is important to be aware of these pathways, and pay attention your swimmer’s progression within their current group. Always be looking ahead in order to avoid potential schedule conflicts as a result of a group move.