Benefits of Team Travel

Some of the activities on LSC’s meet and event calendar are designated as “Team Travel.” This means that the team travels and stays together for the duration of the event.

There are many benefits to team travel, including learning valuable skills that are transferable to life beyond the pool:

Team bonding

Athletes share an important experience while away together on a team trip. This helps to solidify existing friendships and create new ones, as well as expand each athletes’ horizons.


Athletes on a team trip are largely responsible for packing their own bags, setting their own alarms, and taking care of their own recovery and preparation. They learn to do these things on their own.


Athletes are held to a high standard and operate within strict parameters, designed to help them maximize both their own performance, and the performance of the team as a whole.


Athletes learn to regulate their behaviour in a team environment, to influence team members in a positive way.


Athletes learn to deal with circumstances that are very different from their home environment, and outside of their comfort zone.


Athletes enjoy being away with their friends in a competitive and co-operative setting, and create memories that last a lifetime!

Team travel opportunities involve costs to cover accommodation, transportation, food, and staff. When selecting and planning team travel events, LSC balances the cost of the trip against the value provided to the athletes and families. We strive to offer the best possible experience for the athletes on the trip in order to make this cost worthwhile.