Digital Resources for Parents

Lakeshore Swim Club's online systems include several key digital resources that parents need to know about to be able to participate efficiently in the club. While these aren't mandatory, they'll make your life a lot easier. They include:
Yes, this website. You seem to have found it. News, events, schedules, volunteer sign ups, resources, links, registration, billing, camps, basically if you can't find something about it here, there may not be anything to find.

Online Calendar
Subscribe to our online calendar directly from your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.  Be careful to subscribe, not import, the calendar.  Subscribing gives you live updates; importing never receives any updates.

MeetMobile App
Live meet results as well as archived meet results for thousands of swim meets in North America. Track your kids, your heroes, your rivals...

Discussion Groups
Google Groups for a variety of topics.  To sign up, just click on a group and request permission to join.  You'll be added pretty soon afterward.

Handy External Websites

Great Articles About Competitive Swimming

Great Resources for Athlete Nutrition