The management and operation of Lakeshore Swim Club is distributed among several committees (and of course our coaching staff).

More details will be provided here soon. In the meantime, if you're interested in participating in one of our committees, please contact the corresponding committee chair.

Club Development Committee

Purpose: Furthering vision and mission, enhancing club, advancing culture, special projects (e.g. creative new pool spaces), etc.

Chair: Tony
Members: Nadine Benoit, Tony Field
Entire committee email:
Meeting schedule: not yet set - probably monthly or ad-hoc.

Event and Travel

Purpose: All club special events and travel arrangements. Hosts lots of subcommittees including our 90th Anniversary Committee

Chair: TBD
Members: Karin Field
Meeting schedule: not yet set - probably monthly or ad-hoc.

Fundraising Committee

Purpose: Devise and implement club fundraising strategy for capital and operational projects

Chair: TBD
Members: Tony Field, Dragan Zuvela
Meeting schedule: not yet set - probably ad-hoc.

Governance Committee

Purpose: Structure, management & policies

Chair: TBD
Members: Tony Field
Meeting schedule: ad-hoc.

Human Resources Committee

Participation restricted to board members

Chair: Lee
Members: Lee Fairclough, Tony Field, Tara Smith
Meeting schedule: ad-hoc.

Meet Management

Chair: n/a (
Members: Tony Field, Vlado Straka, Dragan Zuvela, Gretchen Evans, Clark Evans
Meeting schedule: ad hoc via email + in person once before each meet

Swim Records Committee

Purpose: Maintaining accurate records and record boards for LSC

Chair: unclaimed - email if interested
Members: Lee Fairclough, Tony Field, Dragan Zuvela
Meeting schedule: not yet set - probably ad-hoc.

COVID Return to Swimming Committee

Purpose: Ensure proper compliance with Swim Ontario and Swimming Canada Return to Swimming policies

Chair: Lee Fairclough
Members: Lee Fairclough, Tony Field, Tristan Vowles, Clark Evans
Meeting schedule: ad-hoc