​​​​​​​Gus Ryder Memorial Cup - Officials

Here is the Official’s Grid for the Gus Ryder Meet November 17th to 19th,  2023.

All official’s questions should be directed to coc@lakeshoreswimclub.com

Important Notes

  • Sign-up is now closed.  For any last-minute changes, please e-mail coc@lakeshoreswimclub.com
  • If you require a Deck Evaluation, please e-mail coc@lakeshoreswimclub.com
  • Bring a reusable water bottle
  • Timers, the Chief Timer, and Runners wear black bottoms and white tops
  • All other on-deck positions wear black bottoms and red tops


  • Safety Marshalls should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of warm up, check in, and be on deck at least 5 mintues before warm up begins
  • All other officials, please arrive for the start of warm-up
  • The briefing will start 45 minutes prior to the session
  • If working food hospitality, check the job start and end times carefully (these are off-set to the on-deck sessions)


  • Sign-in for your shift in the Olympium Lounge (above main entrance).