Here are ten reasons why swimmers are great kids:

As per Elizabeth Wickham of Meet Manager:

  1. They are too tired to get into trouble. They’d rather be tucked into bed watching Netflix than going out late at night.
  2. They have unbelievable appetites and are open to trying new things. In fact, they’ll eat pretty much whatever you put in front of them.
  3. They are clean. They get a daily rinse in chlorine as well as take long showers.
  4. They are good students. They know they won’t have time—or will be too tired to do homework later—so they work ahead and try to get homework done before practice.
  5. They’re comfortable around adults. They communicate with coaches, other swim parents and officials regularly.
  6. They’ve experienced failure and know it’s not the end of the world. They understand that there’s another chance and with hard work, they can do better.
  7. They’re strong and fit. Working out is something their bodies crave and they’re in better shape than most of their classmates.
  8. They are there for their teammates and friends. If someone is upset or has a problem, they’re more than willing to listen and help out. They also have fun with their friends and can make hours at a meet pass by with silliness and laughter.
  9. They are confident. They put in long hours and hard work to reach their goals. With each improvement along the way, they build self-confidence.
  10. We know their swim friends and their families—and that they are good kids we want our children to hang out with.