High Performance Incentive Program

Lakeshore Swim Club is pleased to offer financial rewards to swimmers who achieve at a high level. Funds are allocated based on level of achievement, and function as a subsidy for travel costs associated with high performance swimming and incurred by the swimmer over the course of each season.

Money is awarded according to the following priority system:

  1. Up to $3,000 for a swimmer ranked top 25 in Canada, open age category, at the end of the season (August 31st), in a long course Olympic event
  2. Up to $2,000 for a swimmer achieving a Trials standard (Junior or Senior Trials, depending on the swimmer’s year of birth)
  3. Up to $1,000 for a swimmer achieving a Canadian Junior and Senior Championship standard (CJC or CSC, depending on the swimmer’s age)
  4. Up to $500 for a swimmer achieving an Eastern Canadian Championship standard (Easterns)
  5. Up to $200 for a swimmer achieving an Ontario Swimming Championship standard (OSC)


Priority 1 is evaluated at the end of the season (August 31st), and the reward shall be applied in the following season.

Priorities 2 through 5 are evaluated immediately upon achievement. Rewards shall be applied in the current season, and not rolled over to the next season.

Funds are to be used for travel subsidy only. Once a swimmer qualifies for any of the criteria listed above, the family may apply for subsidy for subsequent LSC approved travel meets or camps, up to the designated maximum amount, in the season in which the award applies.


The total subsidy awarded to an athlete over the season will not exceed that of the highest priority level that they achieve in that season. If a swimmer achieves multiple priority levels in a given season, their maximum subsidy increases by the difference between the reward amounts. If a swimmer has achieved Priority 1 based on results from the preceding season, they are not eligible for Priority 2 through 5 in the current season. Meaning, the maximum award available for a given season is $3,000.

For Priority 2, the athlete must qualify for the appropriate standard according to their year of birth. For a swimmer to qualify in the Junior Trials category, they must be eligible to compete as a Junior at the next Trials competition (note that this may be in the following season).

For Priorities 3 through 5, the swimmer’s age is calculated as of the first day of the next corresponding competition (note that this may be in the following season).

An athlete is considered ineligible for subsidy if they are in their first season as an LSC registered swimmer and did not register on or before October 31st.

Athletes must be members in good standing, and either training full time with the club or registered in the varsity category. Subsidy is subject to the discretion of Lakeshore Swim Club.