Inclement Weather Policy

Dealing with extreme weather conditions is a reality of living in Canada. In the event of inclement weather, LSC will make every effort to preserve training time where possible, while taking into consideration the safety of member families and staff.

Indoor workouts (affected by winter weather)

LSC will not cancel workouts due to extreme winter weather unless the building itself is closed, or a coach is unable to make it to the pool.

If this is the case, we will notify the membership in a timely manner, and attempt to move the affected groups to another pool, or send another staff member if possible. In the event that a pool is closed with little to no warning, and swimmers are already en route, a coach will wait at the facility to ensure all swimmers are accounted for.

We encourage families and staff to make their own decisions in the interest of their safety. Swimmers will not be penalized if they are late or absent due to extreme weather.

Outdoor workouts/Camps (affected by rain/thunderstorms)

LSC will be checking the forecast during the course of any outdoor programming. If rain is in the forecast for any particular day, we will check the weather in the morning of that day to see if substantial rain is likely during any dry portion of the workout or camp session.

If there is decent chance of being rained out for the dry activities, the dry portion will be cancelled and families will be notified in a timely manner. If rain occurs with little to no warning, staff may cancel dryland at their discretion. In this case, a coach will wait at the facility to ensure all swimmers are accounted for.

We will not cancel outdoor swim programming for rain, unless the facility itself is closed. In the event of thunder or lightning, the lifeguards will clear the pool for 30 minutes.