Meet Entry Policy

Applicable to: Lakeshore Performance Senior Junior Provincial Regional Advanced Blue Yellow

Racing is the main purpose of competitive swimming, and a vital part of any swimmer’s development. A meet schedule will be sent out to each group indicating the dates, location, and standard (if applicable) of each competition, as well as which swimmers attend each meet. Any change to the initial meet schedule will be communicated in a timely fashion.

Swimmers are committed and entered by default into all meets on their meet schedule for which they are eligible. Only the coaches may select entries for the athletes.

If a swimmer has a conflict with a competition, the family must notify the group coach and the Head Age Group Coach via email prior to the entry deadline. The entry deadline for a meet is found in the meet package, posted on the website. Once the coach receives the request from the family, the entries will be removed.

Once the entry deadline for a meet has passed, the entry report will be sent to the membership, which indicates the events each athlete will race. The entries are then considered final and no more changes may be made. Entry fees are applied at this point and are non-refundable.

For meets involving relays, decisions on the members of each relay team, and the order of the swimmers on each team, are made by the coaches, usually during the warm up period. Athletes are expected to plan to stay to the end of the session in case they are needed for a relay.

As a competitive swim club, all athletes are expected to compete, and must race on a regular basis to remain in good standing. Coaches may request a meeting with the family of a swimmer if they are frequently missing meets.