Parental Commitment

Applicable to: Lakeshore Performance Senior Junior Provincial Regional Advanced Blue Yellow

LSC is a member run not-for-profit organization that relies on the participation of its membership to run Club activities.   The families are required as part of their agreement with LSC to contribute to both club operations and the running of hosted swim meets.

The Importance & Benefits of Volunteering

  • Volunteering helps to keep our club fees low
  • Volunteering allows us to be active and present in a sport in which our children have chosen to participate
  • Volunteering helps you to meet other families
  • Volunteering allows us to appreciate others for their efforts and understand how much work it takes to run a swim club

By completing your registration package you have agreed to the following conditions of membership: 

  1. That at least one parent/guardian per family will volunteer in an area of managing the club activities. Volunteer opportunities are available for sign-up at the AGM (annual general meeting) at the start of each season.
  2. In addition to the above, that at least one parent/guardian will participate at all meet(s) hosted or co-hosted by LSC.
    1. The number of required sessions will be determined and communicated early in the season. Families not meeting the hosted meet requirements may face a financial penalty of up to $150 for each session missed. The fine will be determined by a sub-committee of parents/guardians chaired by the Volunteer Coordinator of the Club.
  3. For families new to LSC, that at least one parent/guardian will complete the Introduction to Swimming Officiating clinic by the end of the current calendar year, preferably in time for participation in our first hosted meet.
  4. For families in their second year with LSC, that at least one parent/guardian will complete the Judge of Stroke and Inspector of Turns clinic by the end of the current calendar year, preferably in time for participation in our first hosted meet.
  5. A continued commitment from at least one parent/guardian to moving up the officiating ladder to level II after two years with the club.
  6. To participate in major fundraising events.  Your child's participation in the swim-a-thon is mandatory.
  7. That you understand and support the attendance and competitive expectations of Lakeshore Swim Club.
  8. That you agree to adhere to the club’s bylaws and policies, as posted on the club’s website, as updated from time to time
  9. That you agree that your swimmer(s) will be properly registered in Swimming Canada's Registration, Tracking & Results system before the swimmer(s) participate in any LSC activities, events, or practices. This process involves agreeing to Swimming Canada’s terms, policies and returning the required waivers. LSC will initiate the registration process for swimmers shortly after LSC registration is completed, and parents will be automatically notified that they can complete the Swimming Canada Registration Tracking & Results system registration themselves.

The undersigned has read and understood the Club Fee structure and Parent volunteering requirements and agrees to honour all financial and volunteering commitments including prompt payment of all fees.

v. 2021-07