Refund Policy

Applicable to: Tryouts Little Lakers 1A Week 1 - July 2-5 Lakeshore Performance Senior Little Lakers 1B Week 2 - July 9-12 Week 3 - July 16-19 Junior Provincial Little Lakers 1C Regional Week 4 - July 23-26 Little Lakers 1D Week 5 - July 30-Aug 2 Advanced Little Lakers 2A Blue Little Lakers 2B Yellow Little Lakers 2C Little Lakers 3A Little Lakers 3B Varsity Group Lakers

The effective date of this policy is 2022-09-01.

Short Programs and Activities (under six weeks long)

This applies to all paid programming and activities under six weeks long that do not specify their own refund policy. (e.g. special events, summer programming, trips, camps, clinics, meets, etc.) 

No refunds, except in the event of a medical emergency where the participant cannot begin the program. A note from a doctor must be provided.

Non-members (including pre-competitive swimmers) will be offered a full refund of fees paid. Members and competitive swimmers would be offered a credit to their account, valid for one year, after which it will be forfeited.

Refunds or credits are not available once the participant has attended any portion of the program or activity.

Long Programs (six weeks or longer)

This applies to all paid programming activities six weeks long or longer that do not specify their own refund policy. (e.g. full-season competitive programming, full-season pre-competitive programming, multi-week session-based pre-competitive programming, etc.)

No refunds. All fees invoiced are payable. Membership/participation may be suspended though.

What is Suspension?
A suspended membership (or suspended participation in a program for non-members) allows a participant to place their involvement in all LSC activities "on hold", at no cost. A suspension may be for any reason, including but not limited to medical reasons, or participation in a school program like an exchange. 

A suspension can be no shorter than three weeks, can not extend beyond the end of the season, and cannot be started retro-actively.

If the suspension is shorter than 12 weeks, the participant can return to their original group pending eligibility and in accordance with the group move policy. If the suspension is 12 weeks or longer, group placement may change.

During Suspension
During the suspension, the participant will remain on the group mailing list, but is not permitted to participate in any club activities. If the end date of the suspension is uncertain, remain in periodic contact with the coach.

How to Suspend
To suspend participation, the participant or participant’s parent/guardian must discuss the reason and duration (if known) with the participant’s coach, and then notify the club administrator by email. 

Returning from Suspension
Inform the coach and club administrator a few business days in advance of returning from suspension, and again on the return date.

Fees do not accrue during the suspension. Fees already accrued at the time of the suspension for activities that take place during the suspension remain payable (e.g. meet entry fees for a swim meet occurring during a suspension). Prepaid fees covering the suspension period will be converted to an account credit that participants may use towards a future LSC program or activity for that participant or a sibling. The credit is valid for up to one year from the suspension date, after which it is forfeited.